5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Furniture

It’s a brand new year! You could make a resolution to eat healthier and start going to the gym, but both of those things are unpleasant. Not a great way to set the tone for the rest of the year, in our humble opinion. Do you know what is? Updating your furniture!

But which pieces of furniture should you replace? That question has haunted people since the invention of furniture. No worries – we’re going to tell you the five signs that a furnishing’s time has finally come.

  1. Your Furniture Makes Creaking Noise

The wood and glue inside furniture are both destined to shrink over time. It happens faster in homes that have fluctuating levels of humidity, but it’s ultimately unavoidable. Shrinkage causes dowels and tenons to loosen, which is the reason why old wood dining furniture creaks (and potentially breaks) when you sit in it. It is possible to restore dried out glue and warped wood inside furniture, but those likely aren’t the only components that have worn out inside an older piece.

  1. Your Furniture’s Upholstery Is Worn Out

The most visible part of a couch, loveseat or recliner is also its weakest. Every time you touch a piece of furniture’s upholstery, you create friction which causes the fabric to pill and wear away. Fabrics made from natural fibers may be less vulnerable to pilling, yet any upholstery is bound to start showing its years eventually. It’s usually more economical to replace worn out upholstered furniture over reupholstering it (with the exception of antique and very valuable pieces).

  1. You’re Experiencing Allergy Symptoms

Dust mites are happy to take up residence inside mattresses and furniture upholstery alike. Dust mites are too small to see with the naked eye, although you are likely to perceive them in an even less pleasant way: their droppings and dead bodies both contain proteins which cause and exacerbate allergy symptoms.

A single old mattress can easily contain between 100,000 and 10 million dust mites. Each one of those dust mites lives for about one to three months, during which time it will produce about 20 droppings per day. If that sounds horrifying to you, then you’ll take comfort knowing that a new mattress or piece of upholstered furniture contains zero hideous dust mites.

  1. You’re No Longer Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

The average mattress is designed to last between seven and 10 years, although higher-quality mattresses may last longer. If you’ve recently begun waking up sore – or have noticed visible signs of wear in your mattress such as sagging, holes, stains, lumps or poking springs – then it is time to consider replacing your old mattress with a clean and comfortable new one. An old mattress may also make you feel too hot while you are lying in bed, as the matted fabric on its surface restricts air circulation around your skin.

  1. You Would Like to Update Your Home’s Interior

You don’t necessarily have to wait for your furniture to wear out before you replace it. Aside from major remodeling, there is no quicker way to dramatically reinvigorate your home than by buying new furniture. Even a few tastefully selected pieces are certain to add a whole new energy to your home, and new living furniture is the only way to keep your home’s style contemporary!

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