Frequently Asked Questions

Can Happy Sleeper Furniture deliver my new furniture or mattress?

    • We know how important it is to get your new purchase home safely. That’s why we’re happy to offer our local delivery services for FREE for customers within a 50-mile radius of our store in Waite Park. We’ll even set it up in your home for you! All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Can Happy Sleeper dispose of my old mattress when I purchase a new one?

    • If you’re interested in our mattress disposal service, we’re happy to help. For a small fee, we’ll remove your old mattress and dispose of it in a safe, eco-friendly way.

Does Happy Sleeper partner with any other furniture stores?

    • Many people don’t realize that Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store is a stand-alone business. Even though our neighbors also sell furniture, we aren’t associated with them. We are an independent business, and we take pride in that fact. We are family-owned and operated and have been in business for over 20 years. And because we’re an independent business, we can offer our products at a lower price than the big box stores.

Where are our beds made?

    • At Happy Sleeper, we proudly sell mattresses manufactured in the USA. Our mattresses are made in Chicago, IL, or Grand Forks, ND. We are committed to selling only the highest quality products. We believe our mattresses are the best in the market and stand by our products 100%.

Do you have financing options for my new furniture purchases?

    • We offer financing in partnership with Wells Fargo Bank and Synchrony for your new furniture purchase. With financing from Happy Sleeper, you can get the furniture you need now and pay over time. So whether you’re looking for a new sofa, loveseat, or dining room table, we have you covered.

Can I choose a specific delivery date and time for my new bed from Happy Sleeper Furniture?

    • We understand how important it is to have your new bed delivered at a convenient time for you. While we do our best to accommodate specific delivery date and time requests, it’s worth mentioning that our ability to fulfill those requests might be influenced by the location and our delivery schedule in that area for the day. Your comfort matters to us, and we’ll strive to make the delivery experience as smooth as possible within these constraints. Feel free to share any preferences you have, and we’ll do our utmost to work with them.

What types of mattresses are available at Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store?

    • At the Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store, we’ve got an impressive variety of mattress types that cater to various tastes. You’ll find options like innerspring and hybrid mattresses in our selection. Our team of experts is here to guide you in discovering the ideal mattress that matches your comfort preferences.

      We love to dive into the details to understand exactly what you’re after. Are you leaning towards a firmer or softer feel? Perhaps you’re into the plush comfort of a pillow top or the classic appeal of a traditional design? Feel free to share your preferences – it helps us make spot-on recommendations.

      And here’s the fun part – we encourage our visitors to lay down, get cozy, and really get a feel for the mattresses. After all, it’s all about finding that perfect fit for your sleep paradise.

Is there a trial period for your mattresses at Happy Sleeper?

    • Absolutely, at Happy Sleeper, we offer a 90 Rest Test. You’ll have 90 days to truly get to know your new mattress. If it doesn’t feel like the perfect match, no worries – you can bring it back for an exchange.

      And here’s the easy part: when you exchange, if the new mattress is pricier, just cover the difference. If it’s more budget-friendly, we’ll refund you the extra. We’re all about making sure you’re completely happy with your sleep setup.

      A quick tip from us: give it around 14 days to fully adjust and enjoy the mattress’s benefits. Your body and the mattress need a little time to sync up for the best sleep experience. So, relax and sleep soundly knowing we’re here to make sure you’re satisfied!

Does Happy Sleeper offer any warranties on their beds?

    • Rest easy as you’ll be covered with manufacturer warranties that usually span from 10 to 15 years, depending on the specific mattress and the manufacturer.

      Now, here’s a friendly tip from us to keep that warranty intact: consider using a mattress protector. It might not be the most glamorous accessory, but it’s a real hero when it comes to keeping your mattress in pristine condition. You see, stains unfortunately have a way of voiding warranties, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. So, protect your sleep sanctuary and sleep worry-free!

Stop by our showroom in Waite Park just west of St. Cloud, Minnesota to see everything we have in store. You’re going to be amazed by our selection!

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