Furniture styles are constantly evolving. You would make quite the impression if you added a Second Empire style coffee table to your living room, or an Edwardian style bunk bed to your twins’ bedroom – but you certainly wouldn’t be accused of having contemporary tastes under those circumstances.

Don’t get us wrong! Antique furniture can be quite stylish. Still, replacing its furnishings so they conform to modern style does instantly invigorate any living space. The present day’s furniture is also substantially more comfortable, if only because it is necessarily newer. Updating your furniture is also the surest way to create a space with optimal flow and function. Many pieces simply weren’t designed for certain rooms. Anyone who has ever caught their waist on a poorly proportioned dining table understands.

All of this argument in favor of buying modern furniture begs the big question: what’s new and hot for 2023 AD? Here are the upcoming furniture trends to look out for!

Comfort Is King

For better or worse, the social movement toward spending more time indoors isn’t due to reverse any time soon. Interior designers and furniture manufacturers have both taken note, which is why sitting pieces that emphasize comfort over style are becoming increasingly in vogue. Look for a sofa and chairs that you wouldn’t mind parking yourself in for extended periods of time. You never know when the CDC will ban going outdoors again.

Embrace Your Curves

The curved furniture trend began really picking up steam in 2022, and it appears destined to coast well into oncoming years. Rounded edges and soft corners are easy on the eyes, help to offset rooms with boxy dimensions, and provide the aforementioned comfortability which is all the rage nowadays. 

Are straight-lined pieces obsolete? Hardly. They actually accent a few tastefully placed curved pieces quite nicely!

Large and in Charge

Furniture is growing larger – and not solely so it can keep up with the average American body. The median size of newly built houses has increased by 150% since 1980. Furthermore, the rising popularity of entertaining guests at the home has heightened demand for sofas and dining tables which can seat more people.

Naturally, you still want to avoid stuffing needlessly large pieces of furniture into rooms which can’t reasonably accommodate them. At the very least, consider adding an L-shaped sectional sofa to your living room. It takes up little extra room while providing invaluable extra space for a guest (or to stretch your legs across).

Big, Bold Colors

The era of subtly colored furniture may soon draw to an end. While muted browns and charcoal remain popular, more and more people are beginning to favor eye-catching shades of orange-red, yellow, and jewel tones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby.\

Patterns are following suit. The year 2023 will demonstrate the increasing popularity of animal prints, vintage prints, hand block prints, and prints inspired by Native American designs. Combining pieces of upholstered furniture with all four of those bold prints would constitute a massive interior design faux pas, but just one of them will do a great deal to liven up a room!

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