Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store is currently ramping up for our big 2023 Memorial Day Mattress Sale! When you aren’t paying your respects to our country’s greatest heroes and enjoying time with your friends and family around the barbecue, come on down to our furniture and bedding center in Waite Park, MN. We’ve got deals that you will want to sleep on – as soon as you’ve brought them back home!

The Best Mattresses Brands – For Less!

They say that you should never skimp on the things that keep you off the ground. Shoes and tires are often given as examples, but for our money, nothing is more important than the almighty mattress. You’ll spend one third of your life sleeping or trying to fall asleep. Your health and happiness are both far too important to spend that much time on an old, worn out or otherwise uncomfortable mattress.

But just because you wouldn’t skimp on a mattress doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal on one. When you come to Happy Sleeper’s massive Memorial Day Mattress Sale, you’re still visiting a store that exclusively stocks high-quality mattresses. You’re just paying less for our goods! Here are just a couple of the leading brands we carry.

Spring Air

Spring Air was founded by Francis Karr in Chicago in 1926. Karr’s design for an offset coil mattress became the most copied design in bedding industry history. But despite all its imitators, Spring Air still flourishes.

Today Spring Air is known for their Back Supporter and Back Supporter Elite mattress lines, which live up to their names by providing true pressure-relieving comfort. Their Four Seasons series mattress features a cool side for spring and summer, a wool fiber side for autumn and fall, and a “zip-and-flip” cover that makes adjusting your mattress for optimal seasonal comfort perfectly easy.

Even the outdoorsiest Minnesotans enjoy coming home to a little luxury. If you’re one of them, then you’ll appreciate Spring Air’s Chattam & Wells label mattresses. They are made of high-density foams, high-quality latexes, and lots of wool and other all-natural materials. It’s like sleeping inside a designer handbag.

A Sleep Sense series mattress provides three different levels of support to the body’s three most critical points: the shoulders, the hips and the spine. It places less pressure against the body, supports the lower back, and provides a great night’s sleep for a surprisingly low price – even when it isn’t on sale!


Restonic was founded by three mattress manufacturers in the Upper Midwest in 1938. Like Spring Air, their mattresses remain handmade in the USA to this day!

Restonic mattresses feature MicroCoils, which provide advanced support by compressing and expanding in reaction to your natural movements while you’re at rest. The supple, responsive MicroCoils don’t waste an instant before molding themselves to the contours of your body.

Restonic’s Q5 Twin Support Technology promotes optimal spinal alignment. Their cool-to-the-touch technology pulls excess heat away from your body so you can sleep at a comfortable temperature. In addition to superior pressure point relief, aluminum-infused AlumiLast foam also provides cooler and altogether more comfortable bedtimes.

The comfort doesn’t stop there. Restonic mattresses are also available with gel-infused memory foam that dissipates heat instead of accumulating it, as well as patented Marvelous Middle technology, which makes the mattress 25% more supportive in its midsection to provide gentler pressure distribution across the entire length of the body.

We Carry All Types of Mattresses

Our partnerships with America’s leading mattress manufacturers mean that we have your preferred style of mattress in stock. And on May 29th, 2023, we will also have it on sale! Come visit our gargantuan once-a-year mattress extravaganza for your next:

  • Traditional mattress – affordable and versatile, the ideal mattress for master, children’s and guest bedrooms alike

  • Memory foam mattress – molds perfectly to each contour of your body so you can avoid pressure points on your way to a great night’s sleep

  • Hybrid mattress – combines a plush layer of memory foam with the supportive solidity of an innerspring system to provide nonpareil comfort

  • Flippable mattress – allows you to enjoy better sleeping temperatures and different levels of firmness as easily as flipping the mattress

  • Custom mattress – the only way to enjoy modern, comforting sleep technology while you’re resting in an atypical or antique bed

Whether you just need a new mattress – or you would like to pick up some new furniture while you’re at it – you’ll only find the St. Cloud, MN area’s best deals at Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store this Memorial Day! We welcome you to our showroom at 4 24th Ave S in Waite Park, or contact us today to learn more.