Now that Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store’s big annual Memorial Day mattress sale has passed, it’s time to turn your attention from your bedroom to your living room. It’s the room of your home where you spend the second greatest amount of your time – 1,606 hours per year, if you’re the average American – and refreshing it during the summer means you’ll enjoy more comfortable and enticing surroundings during the long coming winter.

Your options for refreshing your living room are endless. Here are just a few ways you can spruce up the space where you relax, entertain guests, and … well, live!

Create a Multi-Functional Space

Is your home’s square footage not quite as high as you’d like it to be? That’s not a great setback so long as you utilize your limited space wisely. Choose a coffee table for your living room that doubles as extra storage space, or a set of nesting tables that only take up as much space as you would like. A pop-up coffee table is the perfect way to turn any living room into a cozy setting for dining. And if you would like your living room to double as a guest room, there’s no better way to go about it than by buying a futon. No houseguest has ever complained about sleeping in the same room as the home’s largest TV.

Embrace Greens, Grays & Blues

Green, gray and blue are the top three most popular living room colors for 2023. In addition to their outstanding versatility, these natural tones create a calming, peaceful environment wherever they’re present. They also complement one another quite nicely, which makes it easy to design a varied living room color palette without risking a clash.

Invest in Velvet

It’s not just a hot trend in clothing. Velvet is also experiencing booming popularity as an upholstery fabric, and it’s easy to appreciate why. It’s just as sumptuous to the touch as it is to the eyes, and it instantly adds vibrancy and rich color to any living space. If you’re worried that a velvet sofa may dominate your living room’s aesthetics, consider a smaller feature such as a cocktail chair, or even a lampshade!

Display Your Curios

Putting collectibles, souvenirs and other interesting odds and ends on display in the living room is becoming increasingly trendy. If you’ve relegated your curios to a few boxes in the basement, now is a great time to dust them off and lay them out for exhibit on a sideboard or inside a new display cabinet.

Return to Nature

Nature-inspired living rooms became very popular during the pandemic, when lockdowns prevented many homeowners from enjoying as much time outside as they would have liked. There is no wrong way to design a naturalistic space. You may add a piece of furniture which features an animal print, hang a painting of a gorgeous landscape, lean toward furniture and paint colors which adhere to an organic color palette, or simply rearrange your furniture so it creates a more open floor plan.

Update Your End Tables

Would you like to welcome a new piece of furniture to your living room without breaking the bank? Then you may be surprised by just how radically a new end table can refresh any living space! Just take care not to let your new end table dominate your sofa. An end table’s height should be within 2″ of the sofa’s arm height, and its depth is ideally the same as the sofa it stands next to. Narrow end tables give a living room an airier atmosphere, albeit it at the expense of storage space.

Add a Floor Lamp

Too much natural light can make a living room feel sterile and uninviting. Too little light, on the other hand, can make it feel small and claustrophobic. Strike a comfortable balance by adding a floor lamp to your living room. It will give you greater control over the room’s illumination, and help your eyes relax in a darker environment after spending all day in the sun.

Add an Area Rug

When it comes to value for money, nothing reinvigorates a living room more effectively than a new area rug. In addition to adding a welcome splash of color, an area rug will dampen noise, protect your floor from damage, and help keep your furniture from scooting out of place.

If you live in the greater St. Cloud area, make Happy Sleeper a part of your summer living room refresh! Our wide selection of furniture, one-of-a-kind limited-time offers, and available financing options make it easy for anyone to become a capable interior designer. We welcome you to our showroom at 4 24th Ave S in Waite Park, or contact us today to learn more about the living room furniture, dining room furniture and bedroom furniture we currently have in stock!