Easy Changes That Will Make You Love Your Home Even More

Don’t schedule that expensive home remodel just yet! There are many small ways to make dramatic changes to your home’s interior without knocking down walls or tearing up floors. A new accent here, a new furniture arrangement there, and presto – you’ve created a living space that you love with virtually zero effort or expense!

Is it really that easy? You bet! Just follow our tips and you may no longer recognize your home’s interior by the time you’re done with it.

Embrace Throw Pillows

No upholstered furniture is complete without at least one throw pillow. Throw pillows promote a more casual feel, provide greater comfort while you’re reading or watching TV, and create a cohesive atmosphere when they match other color accents in a room. When they are differently sized and thoughtfully placed, multiple throw pillows give an otherwise flat surface the illusion of having dimensionality.

Create an Accent Wall

True to its name, an accent wall has a dramatically different appearance than the other three vertical surfaces it shares a room with. An accent wall can feature a bold color, daring texture, adventurous wallpaper, or series of shelves that present a collection of curios. An electric fireplace makes the perfect complement to any accent wall, as it will warm up a drab room in more ways than one!

Try Removable Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is an unsavory chore that requires lots of prep work and cleaning. It also affords plenty of chances to make mistakes, and all of that effort will have been for nothing if you wind up disliking the pattern a few weeks later. Removable wallpaper still requires a little time and help during installation, but it is wonderful if you have a fear of commitment (when it comes to home decorating, at least).

Add a New Piece of Furniture

It is amazing how dramatically the addition of one piece of furniture can change an entire room. Living furniture like a couch or easy chair doesn’t have to have to be eye-catching in order to invigorate a den or sitting room. Likewise, even a subtler piece of dining furniture will liven up your future social gatherings. Once you’ve chosen a furniture focal point, you can accompany it with a few pieces of matching decor to complete your new aesthetic.

Arrange Seating to Invite Conversation

Placing all of a living room’s seating against a wall ensures plenty of legroom. It can also make a room appear larger, but that furniture arrangement doesn’t encourage people to chat with each other. Encourage conversation by placing chairs so they are across from and facing the couch, or so they face one another from either side of the coffee table. These are called the U-shaped and H-shaped seating arrangements, respectively, and they stimulate the human interaction which makes any home more personable!

Choose the Right Area Rug

Picking the right-sized area rug for your living room is easy! An area rug that accommodates all four legs of each seat it rests under is considered ideal, but it is also okay if the rug only fits the front two legs of every chair and sofa that make up the seating arrangement. Even smaller living rooms typically need an 8’x10′ or 9’x12′ area rug. If it is smaller than that, the rug will make the room’s scale appear odd.

Add a Mirror

Is a room too small for your liking? Hang a mirror on its wall! It will instantly create the illusion of more space, and it doubles as a convenient way of hiding a wall’s imperfections. Not every mirror is equally well suited to every room, though. A long, rectangular mirror looks most appropriate in a long, rectangular room. Small round mirrors do better in more intimate spaces. Make sure not to hang a mirror where it would face a window if you want to avoid getting blinded by the sun’s reflection.

Add Floating Shelves

We mentioned shelves as a great addition to an accent wall, but they can quickly accent any room in a matter of minutes. Floating shelves take up less space than a traditional cabinet or bookshelf, so they prevent a room from feeling cramped. They’re also suitable for smaller nooks that couldn’t fit full-sized pieces of furniture. Floating shelves are also easy to remove if you ever get tired of them, and they barely leave behind a trace once they’re gone.

Amp Up Your Lamps

Overhead lights often illuminate living spaces a little too harshly to create an intimate atmosphere – especially in smaller rooms. Lamps give you greater control over a room’s lighting, and it is easier to swap out their bulbs when you want to change the ambiance. Lamps are also easier to add to a room. No electrician required!

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