“Now when I watch a game, I sit with my family in front of the TV with my sweats and just enjoy it. I played so hard that I left it all on the field. I’ve never had any regrets.”John Randle

Let’s get one thing straight before we continue any further: when we say “football,” we aren’t talking about that namby-pamby game Europeans are inexplicably obsessed over. No! We’re talking about football – that sport where men who are built like 1950s semi-trucks smash into each other just so they can advance the ball a couple yards closer to the end zone. And, if you’re going to watch football, you’re going to need comfortable living room furniture.

If you’re a real American, then you are no doubt unreasonably excited for the next NFL regular season, which is scheduled to commence on September 7th. Fortunately, you still have time to prepare to root for the Vikings (or the Packers – we don’t discriminate here at Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store). That means stocking up on chips, pigs in a blanket and high-quality domestic beer. That means washing your favorite player’s jersey (unless you consider stains lucky, in which case it means specifically not washing your favorite player’s jersey). That means telling your boss you are completely unavailable during every day the Vikings are playing a game (again, you may prefer a different team, although you’ve probably picked up on our own bias by now).

More than anything else, getting ready for football season means making sure your living room, man cave or other TV-watching space is decked out with the furniture you need to get comfortable so you can truly get into the game. And if you live in the greater St. Cloud, MN area, then you won’t have a problem with that. Your pals at Happy Sleeper are standing by to help you furnish the ultimate gridiron appreciation zone!

Gotta Have a Couch

Next to stadium seating, a couch is the best place to watch football. And of all the couches in the world, none surpass the sectional sofa when it comes to keeping you comfy on game day. A long, continuous sectional gives every member of the family a perfect view of the flat screen!

But even when Kirk Cousins isn’t throwing homing missiles on the TV, a sectional offers lots of advantages. It provides more seating in less space, which gives you greater options when it comes to selecting other pieces of furniture. It’s big enough for guests to sleep comfortably on – perfect for those game days when your cousin Eddie has one too many glasses of chardonnay to drive home safely. And because it juts outward, a sectional makes any living space more visually interesting!

Gotta Have a TV Stand

We’ve got nothing against someone who prefers mounting their TV to the wall. “To each their own” – we always say that here at Happy Sleeper. But for our money, nothing beats the convenience of a fine TV stand. That noble piece of furniture lets you avoid drilling holes into your wall. It provides tons of storage for video game consoles, remote controls, and DVDs and Blu-rays (perfect if you’re having trouble finding a spot for your six-season boxed set of Mama’s Family). It also lets you hide unsightly cords, reposition your TV to a different spot in your living room, and easily access all the plug-in ports.

Best of all, a TV stand gives you yet another opportunity to add personality to your living space. You can’t say the same about a metal bracket!

Gotta Have a Coffee Table

Although admittedly not for coffee. Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists recently calculated the ideal number of snacks to enjoy during a football game: a whole bunch. And the coffee table is undeniably the ideal surface to contain all your chicken wings, nachos, queso dip, pretzels, pizza, guacamole, and carefully curated variety of potato and corn chips.

But utility alone isn’t enough. If you come to Happy Sleeper, we’ll make sure you leave with a coffee table that elevates the tone of your living room even when it isn’t buried in delectable snackables!

Gotta Have a Bar

Some people believe that delicious beverages greatly enhance the football-watching experience. They are correct, which is why we strongly advise adding a bar to your living room. Maybe just a small one with enough space to prepare your world-famous Tom Collins. Or maybe an enormous one that will appreciably reduce the revenue for all sports bars within the 100-mile radius surrounding your house. If you love having company, you’ll find yourself in no short supply of it when you turn your home into the libation capital of the Upper Midwest!

Get Ready for Football Season With Happy Sleeper!

If you live in the greater St. Cloud area, make Happy Sleeper an integral part of your gameday experience. We welcome you to visit our showroom at 4 24th Ave S in Waite Park, or contact us today to learn more about the fine living room furniture we have in stock.

Now, say it with us: Skol!