Paris, France is widely regarded as the fashion capital of the world. But where is the furniture capital of the world? That’s easy. It’s Waite Park, Minnesota, because that is where Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store offers high-quality yet affordable living furniture, dining furniture and far more. Every Parisian dreams of one day attending a mattress sale at Happy Sleeper. 

Because our team always stays at the forefront of furniture trends, people often ask us what’s popular and fashionable each season. Here is what’s in style this fall – not just in the greater St. Cloud area, but throughout the entire world!

Warm Colors

As the months grow colder toward the end of the year, sumptuous warm colors are set to become the next big thing. Harvest gold will forever remain a relic of the 1970s, but decidedly subtler burnt orange, which dominated mid-century aesthetics, is making a strong comeback. Alongside amber- and rust-colored accents, burnt orange is certain to bring cheer to what was once a drab living space. And if you would like to further refine your home’s autumnal color palette, any splash of deep red or yellow ochre will do the trick.

Earthy Colors

This autumn is a season of contrasts. While oranges, reds and yellows all bring the comforting thought of a fireplace’s glowing coals to mind, the earth’s gentler tones are in vogue as well. Selena Gomez recently made olive green this season’s biggest manicure trend, but the verdant fruity hue lends just as much understated elegance to a new sofa or chaise lounge. 

Cozy browns, tans and caramels are always universally appealing colors for any new furniture. But once these shades of beige are paired with glaucous, cerulean, aero, or another similarly soft shade of blue, they can’t help but bring fond remembrances of the ocean to mind.

Curved Lines

Arrow-straight furniture will never truly fall out of fashion, but curved furniture has become increasingly popular throughout 2022. Rounded accent tables, couches with curved backs and gently arching headboards all appeal to our innate attraction to the circular form. It brings notions of tranquility and security to the subconscious mind – which leaves little reason to wonder why the curved furniture trend first began picking up steam in early 2020.

Textured Fabrics

Flat-woven fabric upholstery adds an understated simplicity to a living space, and it looks quite striking when it is tastefully selected. But now is the era of textured fabrics, which are just as pleasing to the eye as they are to the touch. 

A new bouclé recliner or loveseat will not only make your living room inestimably cozier – its nap will additionally absorb sound to make your refuge appreciably quieter. The bulky, naturalistic texture of a single chenille blanket or throw pillow can dramatically enhance any piece of upholstered furniture’s allure. Finally, the vaguely floral pattern of hammered satin makes for a sumptuous bedspread while the weather turns cooler.

Natural Wood Finishes

The trend of bringing rich, natural textures into interior spaces is still going strong in fall 2022. Woven fabrics are just one facet of this trend – another is real wood furniture. The swirling and knotted textures of oak and walnut liven any dining table or headboard. Likewise, a lighter-colored maple coffee table creates a nice focal point which brings a walk through the woods to mind. All of these woods compliment warm fall colors quite nicely. It’s as if you are welcoming the ephemeral fall foliage into your home all season long!

Are you looking for even more inspiration as you update your home this fall? Then we welcome you to visit Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store’s showroom at 4 24th Ave S in Waite Park, MN, or contact us today to ask about that particular piece you need to complete your autumn retreat.