Unless you are extremely bad at your job, you probably do not need a mattress inside your home office. Your boss or clients wouldn’t like to see that in the background during a Zoom call. But a well furnished home office certainly does call for nice chairs, lighting and a desk – or desks, if you have successfully convinced your significant other to help with your work. (Tell them you’ll pay them in kisses.)

You don’t want to cram just any old furniture into your office in the hope that it will increase your workflow. Fortunately, choosing the best home office furniture is easy once you begin following Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store’s expert advice!

Conserve Space

You probably haven’t chosen to dedicate the largest room in your home to work. In the highly likely event that your home office is a smaller space, you can prevent it from looking and feeling cramped by selecting slender pieces of office furniture. A narrow desk will achieve that goal, as will wall book shelves. Low-profile furniture can also help a small room to feel more open, which is precisely the kind of environment in which creative juices flow freely.

Include a Comfy Chair

Whenever your job doesn’t require you to stare at a desktop computer monitor, it’s best for your back and your comfort if you recline in a large upholstered chair. Any recliner, loveseat or sofa that you would choose for your living room will do perfectly. Dividing your home office hours across multiple discrete workspaces will help you avoid a sense of tedium, and it also makes it easier to collaborate when you invite guests over.

Include a Desk Lamp 

There is just something indescribably cozy about working late at night with nothing illuminating your office except for a desk lamp. A desk lamp is a decorative element, albeit a highly functional one that saves electricity, reduces strain on the eyes, and is very easy to turn off when you want to leave your home office in a hurry. And whether it’s traditional or contemporary, a desk lamp always makes a great way of creating a statement.

Don’t Forget Art

It is easy to treat your home office like a strictly utilitarian space. “All work and no play,” as Jack Torrance once put it. But you really do want to include a few strictly aesthetic features in your home office. Art won’t just save you from feeling blah while you’re hard at work. A visually pleasing workspace can actually increase your productivity, lower your stress level, and even increase your overall sense of well-being.

Get Organized

Whichever pieces of furniture you select for your home office, make certain they provide plenty of space to organize and store things. An organized space won’t just enhance your efficiency. It can also increase the overall quality of your work by saving you from forgetting important things, as well as make a more favorable impression on anyone who sees your workspace. If your manager or client happens to spot a whiteboard covered in sticky notes mounted on the wall behind your desk, they will assume you have your act together (even if they reach that conclusion subconsciously).

Choose an Ergonomic Desk Chair

The best office chair will bear your weight uniformly while placing minimal strain on your back. Rather than some uncomfortable straight-backed wooden dining room chair, select a seat for your desk that evenly supports the natural S-shaped curvature of your spine. Make certain the chair adjusts so you can rest your feet flat on the floor. Also make certain you can adjust your desk chair’s armrests so they evenly support your forearms while your shoulders are relaxed.

Pick the Right Desk Height

When your desk isn’t the correct height, it will force you to spend extended periods of time in awkward positions. That will give your chiropractor more work, but it won’t do your health any favors. When your desk is the correct height, it will allow you to keep your feet planted flat on the floor, your arms at right angles to your torso, and your elbows set at 90° angles. The ideal height for a desk depends on your own height. Simply take your height in inches and multiply that number by 3/8. The result is the best height for a desk you would sit at. 

Are you furnishing an entire home office – or simply looking for one or two pieces to bring such an important room together? Then we welcome you to visit Happy Sleeper Mattress & Furniture Store’s showroom at 4 24th Ave S in Waite Park, MN, or contact us today if you would like to ask about what we have in stock. You’ll do your best work once you’re surrounded by our high-quality furnishings!